Video: Tomáš Slavík vyhral šialené finále four-crossu v Brazílii

Po výhre Urban Downhillu v Kolumbii potvrdil český jazdec svoju skvelú formu aj na pretekoch vo four-crosse v brazílskom Sao Roque.

The most action packed final run ever?!🔥Hooooly sh*t🔥 if someone asks me I would say this was pure example of fourcross racing!! Action, action and action from top to the bottom! 🥰😈 Honestly I have to say it was one of the most crazy final runs I have ever been part of! 120% effort of me and @gcgiovannini all or nothing style, super wild but at the same time super clean – like a gentlemen! Than you can hug your friend from battlefield in the finish and say THIS WAS FUCKING CRAZY😅🙈 racing in Brazil was always difficult, challenging and Im super stoked to take a win this time! All respect to @gcgiovannini he was really flying today! 🤘🏻👌🏻💪🏻 check out the final run by @redeglobo which was in my eyes one of the most exciting final runs in history of 4X 💪🏻🔥 Thank you @gcgiovannini once again for UNFORGETTABLE fight… I had a blast! 🤠Thank you Brazil for being such a great place! 🙏🏻 Big up goes to @sport_consult2017 for making it all happen 💪🏻🤘🏻@ghostbikes_mtb @ghostbikescz @rynopower @ride100percent @dtswiss @fiveten_official @maxxisbike @jbc4xrevelations @gopro @goprocz @redbullbike @redbullcol @ergotec_bikeparts —————————————————————— #ridebettertogether #urbandh #citydh #bikelife #ofmyghost #redbull #ghostbikes #easterngravity #ride100percent #dtswiss #bikestrike #fiveten #rynopower

Uverejnil používateľ Tomas Slavik Pondelok 20. januára 2020

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